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    It is the premier coalescent for latex paints is not classified as as VOC according to European Union Decopaint Directive 2004/ 42/EC (commonly referred to as the decopaint Directive). Mainly used for latex paints and other waterborne coating film-forming agent.

    Product Fetures :
    1. The hydrolysis stability is very good and can be used with various kinds of emulsions including pure acrylic emulsions with high PH.
    2. When added to latex paint, It is absorbed onto the latex particles, softening the particles and causing better fusion in the paint.
    3. it is easy to be mixed into latex and does not affect the stability of coating at a higher content.
    4. improved paint rheology and pigment wettability.
    5. improved film hardness without cracking.
    6. improved scrubbing resistance.

    AAKAR ENTERPRISES, RTC – 12 is available in 200 KG/iron drum.

    AAKAR ENTERPRISES, RTC – 12 should be stored in dry and ventilated indoor area, Avoid violent collision and raindrop during transportation.