Hydroxy Ether Cellulose(HEC HE 5000B)

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    Hydroxy Ether Cellulose(HEC HE 5000B)

    We are associated with Mikem Chemical (Shandong) Co. Ltd. China, MIKEM is a global manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemical products

    Headquartered in Dallas, USA, The product is a versatile product .

    (HEC) is a breakthrough paint-thickening technology. It comprises a range of Hydroxyethylcellulose thickeners that delivers unprecedented process flexibility and quality control to paint manufacturers.


    HEC is water-soluble, non-ionic polymer that is commonly used as a thickener and water retention agent in a variety of applications (e.g., tile adhesives, wall putty, EIFS, etc.). Multiple grades and tailored formulation are available to suit various industrial needs.

    Packing :

    1) 25kg poly paper bag with PE bag inner.